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Which parts of the ductwork do you clean?

Our team cleans the system handler, the interior surfaces, the supply and return vents, and the supply and return grills. For more answers to many frequently asked customer questions, check out our new and informative FAQ section below.

Can you help with duct air leaks?

In case one of the duct sealings peeled off or if there are any tears in the duct itself, we can help. Our experts will seal the duct and make sure there aren’t any additional leaks. You can spot air leaks in case you feel the HVAC isn’t cooling or heating as it once did, the airflow is weaker, and you notice an increase in your energy consumption.

Is it true that air duct cleaning could help with allergies?

Yes! People with allergies, elderly, and asthma sufferers could all benefits from having all the dirt and dust (and hence dust-mites) cleaned from the air ducts. Getting clean and fresh air indoors is important to everyone, but it will be especially significant for those with breathing difficulties.

Why should I have the air quality tested?

It might sound like something that should only be done in large facilities, maybe laboratories – but every place with a ductwork system could use air quality testing. The ducts will accumulate dust, dirt, and yes – bacteria – over the years. Sometimes you might even run into mold, in which case the ducts will need to be sanitized. If you have old air ducts and you didn’t have them cleaned in the past decade – there’s a good chance things need to be properly examined.

How can I prevent mold in the HVAC air ducts?

There must be no leaks or areas where condensation occurs. Regular checks for leaks are important and so is their timely sealing. Keep in mind that leaks most often occur around the registers. Condensation occurs when then warmer air inside the air ducts gets into contact with much colder air in the surrounding environment. Given this, the sections of the ductwork in colder parts of the house, such as the garage and the attic, should be properly insulated.


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