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Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Solution | Air Duct Cleaning Escondido, CA

Why Should You Care?

You may assume that the air in your home is fine, but this may not be the case! There are many factors that can affect how good your air is, from smoking to simply having pets around. Low air quality can take its toll on the health of anyone, such as fatigue in those who are otherwise relatively healthy, and troubles breathing for children and the elderly. Anyone with allergies will likely suffer severe symptoms even while indoors like watery, itchy eyes, as well as runny noses. Those at extreme risk are people with breathing disorders to begin with, like asthma. If you or anyone in your home as such an illness, it's even more important that you ensure that your air is clear.

What Contaminates The Air?

As previously mentioned, smoking will drastically lower the quality of your home's air, and even if it only happens every once in a while, the toxins from the smoke can linger and remain permeating through the air for a long time after. Dander from all types of pets can also contaminate the air and get trapped in air ducts to be spread no matter how much you clean. Should rodents or insects invade your home, their waste will certainly cause issues. Insect waste acts as an allergen, and rodent waste can carry diseases. Even just dust and dirt drawn into your ducts that remains there will pollute the air and effect how decent it is.

We're Here To Help

We offer a variety of different services that can assist you with making sure your air is as fresh as it can be! Our technicians can provide an air quality test to let you know just how good or poor your air is, and what specific factors are lowering the quality so you know what to focus on to change things. An air duct cleaning is also a great way to clear out dust and debris!

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