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Preventing Dryer Vent Fire

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Preventing Dryer Vent Fire

Prevent Dryer Vent Fire | Air Duct Cleaning Escondido, CA

Everything from installation and proper handling to regular servicing is of importance.

Install It Wisely

It’s very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a short, straight vent pipe. Fewer bends mean less opportunity for lint to gather. However, if you have to install a long pipe, you should install a dryer vent fan as well. Not only will it improve the air flow, but it will also shorten the drying cycle and save energy.    

Choose a Metal Duct

Many manufacturers now recommend using metal ducts. Plastic and foil ones are both flammable and easy to crush. They are also flexible, meaning that they are more prone to collecting lint than, for example, a rigid non-ribbed vent. If the airflow is restricted either by crushing or lint build-up, the appliance will surely stop working properly sooner rather than later.

Clean What’s On the Inside

Lint, that fuzzy material from your clothes, is a highly combustible material. If you clean the lint trap after every drying cycle, you’re keeping excess lint from being blown into the vent, thus preventing it from gathering inside ductwork. You should also make a habit of wiping down the interior of the dryer because not all lint gets caught by the trap.

Overloading Is Costly and Dangerous

If you put more clothes in the dryer that you are supposed to, you are making your unit work harder than it should. Overloading might save you some time, but it will definitely cause damage to the unit and incur repair expenses. The friction caused by too heavy a load can also ignite a spark and cause fire. Splitting your laundry load into two or three loads is the best way to stay safe and save money on repairs.

Clean the Vent

If you really want to keep your home and family safe, you should have a professional check your ductwork. Our technicians have both the knowledge and the tools necessary to make sure everything is in excellent working order and remove any existing blockages inside the vent. We’re ready and waiting for your call.


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