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Our specialists recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned at least every year, depending on how much dust and debris accumulate inside them. For additional air quality improvement suggestions, check out our tips below.

Stay alert to the smell of burning while your dryer is running

If you notice a burning smell, you need to turn your dryer off immediately and refrain from using it until you have it looked at by a professional. This is most likely being caused by lint and other materials trapped in your dryer's vent starting to burn from the high temperatures, and this can spark a fire if it goes on long enough. That's why periodic cleanings of your dryer's vent are vital for safety's sake.

Have the air ducts professionally cleaned after renovations

If you had your home recently renovated, you know how best how much dust, dirt, and mess are involved. However, there are tricky places where they could all reach and stay forgotten – your air ducts. You could be breathing dust for months if you don’t make sure you get the ductwork expertly and thoroughly cleaned.

Get the kitchen exhaust hood professionally cleaned

If you’re working with a large kitchen exhaust hood at home (or at your business), you know how important it is to get it properly cleaned. However, in many cases you won’t be able to reach all the necessary places on your own. Oil gets everywhere as you know, and it will accumulate over time. Hire an expert to make sure you enjoy a clean and sanitary cooking environment!

Take a full set of precautions for dealing with pest infestation in your air ducts

The first step is pest extermination. After all intruders are gone, it’s time for full air duct cleaning. It is also important for the ductwork to be checked for leaks and damage. With effective repair, your HVAC system should work as before. If the risk of another infestation is high, you must take the recommended protective measures.


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